Long Term Bad Credit Loans Canada

Long Term Bad Credit Loans Canada

Are you looking for a long term loan of above 25,000 $ for a repayment period of say 5 to 30 years?? If so you should opt for our secured loans. Secured loans are an easy substitute of remortgage loans for people who have good credit history. They offer more facilities than the remortgage loans wherein you can raise your property value up to 25% as compared to re-mortgage that are of 27%. Also repayments in secured loans are more easy and flexible since you can extend the repayment period upto 30 years.

Secured Loan Features

  • A secured loan shall go up to 95% Loan to property value ( LTV) compared to the normal 85% for mortgage loans.
  • A secure loan shall not affect your existing mortgage loan.
  • You get an extended repayment period with Secured loans making it flexible and easy for you to take the loan.
  • No hidden fees. No set up charges, no bad surprises.

We believe in total transparency, hence there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises waiting for you after your loan is passed. You will have a fixed repayment amount for the rest of your loan term. Most of the time home improvement is expensive; however our quick and easy loans are competitive enough to offer you the best option available in market.

Quick Facts

  • You are taking the secured loan against your property/home. If you fail to repay, the property can be reposed or seized.
  • In case you are taking the secured loan to repay your existing mortgage, you should be aware that you are extending your repayment period and increasing the total amount of debt.
  • There are fees attached to secured loans which are added to the loan value and included in the monthly repayment.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to avail personal loan you should fall in the below mentioned criteria.

  • An active Bank account
  • One should be above 18 years of age to be eligible for personal loan
  • Permanent residency of UK is a must
  • Permanent monthly income in form of salary, savings or pension
  • No hidden fees or extra fees involved
  • Support from helpline number available in case of query
  • Good Credit history