Consolidation Paying Loans In Canada

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We know that fine print can be painful, but we believe it''s important you have all the facts! is a division of Ltd., Canada''s largest lease-to-own furniture, electronics, appliances, and computer retailer. offers a variety of financial services, including loans and prepaid cards. Ltd. is listed on the TSX under the symbol ''EH''. For more information.

24 hour approval (between Monday - Saturday) based on a completed application and customer verification including a credit check. Payments are due on scheduled income deposits. Loans are based on a 9-36 month term and loan amounts range from $500-$5,000. Ask for details. offers short term personal loans and is not a credit repair service. Services may help improve your credit score by building a credit history provided your payments are made in full and on-time.

Some restrictions and limitations may apply. Ask for details.

Payment includes loan protection insurance fees, but excludes applicable provincial taxes and prepaid card fees.

Amount does not include cost of insurance.

If you take out a $500 loan for a 2 week period and renew it 13 times over a 9 month period.

If you only pay the monthly minimum amount ($10 or 3% of balance, whichever is larger) with an annual interest rate of 19%. Source: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (

If you take out a loan on a 5 year term with an annual interest rate of 8%. Source: TD Canada Trust Loan Payment Calculator (

Effective April 2nd, 2014, and locations no longer support reloading of funds onto the Prepaid MasterCard via cash or debit. Reloading funds to your Prepaid MasterCard can still be done through online banking. For further inquiries, please email

Credit Score Impact

While having a loan and honouring its obligations can help build credit, too many loans may be seen by potential creditors as an increased risk, and failure to meet repayment obligations will result in a negative report to the credit bureaus, which would reduce your credit score. Please borrow responsibly.


Loans from Services do not automatically renew. Customers have the option to request an increase to their loan after paying down a percentage of their current loan amount and maintaining good payment history. Such a request would be subject to the company''s standard underwriting rules.

Financial Implications Services offers personal loans from $500 to $5,000 with terms from 9 to 36 months. The APR is 39.78%, and there are no additional fees for the loan. Services does not charge a late fee, but payments returned NSF (non-sufficient funds) will be assessed a $50 fee in addition to fees charged by the customer''s financial institution.

Collections Practices Services contacts customers in arrears as soon as possible. contacts customers in arrears through various means including, but not limited to telephone, email, postal mail, and SMS. Services may work with third parties to assist in collections activities.